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Arguably the most valuable asset a publisher can own is the content created by the community it serves. This has been true for decades, but it took pervasive interactivity to make it widely apparent.

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Alki Software Corporation is a Seattle
company working at the intersection
of the software and editorial-content industries, with a focus on community-
created content

Alki has always been a pioneer, and has evolved and reinvented itself several times--a process that continues today.

In 1987, Alki was the first company devoted to developing add-in products for Microsoft Word, from toolbars to proofing tools. In the early 1990s, the Alki Seek desktop search engine had 100,000 registered users. Later, Alki spun off two successful companies, one of which created Web sites and technology for community-created Internet content and was acquired in 1999 by a cable-television network.

Today Alki is developing Web-based services that deliver editorial value and offer significant, distinctive opportunities for community participation. Sometimes, as in the case of To The Day, the first version of a service does not have community content. But that's only because not all features roll out simultaneously.

Reinventing Alki

The world has changed a lot since 1987, and so has Alki Software Corporation. Founded that year as the first company devoted to helping users get more out of Microsoft Office, Alki has evolved many times.

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Alki On The Future

Alki has not announced its next project, but the projects in which we invest share certain characteristics. They provide arresting content and/or a service, and welcome community contributions.

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Proofing Tools

Microsoft Office Proofing Tools

Until 2002, Alki produced Microsoft Office Proofing Tools packages that allowed people to check spelling and grammar as well as hyphenate documents and look up synonyms in a variety of languages.

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